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Forex Morning Trade - Expert Advisor in Forward Test

Forex Morning Trade

Forex Morning Trade is an EA which is based upon a manual trading system of the same name.

The system works on just one currency symbol, the GBPUSD, and there's a very strong clue as to how it works in the name.

For all budding detectives out there, you've probably guessed that it takes one trade at the same time each morning. Unfortunately, the time it trades is a time when most Europeans are still in their PJ's and most Americans are either already in bed or enjoying their evening.

There's a very strong background case, therefore, for converting a strategy like this into a robot.

Being derived from a manual trading system, the Forex Morning Trade system is very transparent. It is indicator driven and the manual explains precisely how it works, so the EA is not a black box in the same way that some EAs are.

While I'm carrying out some tests and preparing my review, I've put Forex Morning Trade onto a $5k Alpari UK demo account.

The EA is running on the 15-minute GBPUSD chart and is risking 2% of the account on each trade using the default settings.

You can monitor Morning Trade's performance at MellyForex by clicking here.

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