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Forex Growth Bot - Expert Advisor in Forward Test

Forex Growth BotI was first attracted to the Forex Growth Bot because it offers what appears to be a very attractive risk/reward ratio. Many of the EAs that I look at offer a very high win rate (often 80% or more), but they only achieve this high win rate through taking small profits and operating large stop-losses. This gives them a very high risk/reward ratio, and it means that users can sometimes find a single stop-loss with a high risk/reward robot will wipe out weeks or even months of gains.

Forex Growth Bot, however, appears to be different to these types of robot. The backtests on the vendor's website (and also the forward test which has so far been running over 5 months) suggest that the system is likely to win less than 50% of its trades, but its risk/reward ratio seems to be somewhere between 0.4 and 0.5, meaning the average profit is likely to be over twice the size of the average loss. The EA is made even more attractive by the fact that its average win size is around 60 or 70 pips which should theoretically mean that its performance is unlikely to change much regardless of which broker it's run on.

The system works on just one currency symbol, the EURUSD, and runs on the 15-minute chart. I wanted to test it for myself to see if it can live up to its promises.

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Forex Morning Trade - Expert Advisor in Forward Test

Forex Morning Trade

Forex Morning Trade is an EA which is based upon a manual trading system of the same name.

The system works on just one currency symbol, the GBPUSD, and there's a very strong clue as to how it works in the name.

For all budding detectives out there, you've probably guessed that it takes one trade at the same time each morning. Unfortunately, the time it trades is a time when most Europeans are still in their PJ's and most Americans are either already in bed or enjoying their evening.

There's a very strong background case, therefore, for converting a strategy like this into a robot.

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Wall Street Forex Robot - Expert Advisor Review

Wall Street Forex RobotThe Wall Street Forex Robot is a scalping robot which looks to bank just a few pips of profit at a time. There is no shortage of robots like this available on the market, but they generally tend to scalp during thin Asian trade when market liquidity can be a major issue which impairs the robot's performance on live accounts.

So what makes the Wall Street Forex Robot any different from all the others?

Well, the Wall Street EA is certainly different in that it has no such trading time restrictions and it will trade at all times of the day, hopefully when there is greater liquidity within the market and there is no problem in getting trades away.

It's also different in that it fetches its settings from the vendor's server each time that it starts. This means that the vendor can issue newly optimised settings which the EA will automatically detect and use, enabling it to stay at the top of its game without the user needing to manually update his own copy of the robot.

That's the theory anyway. I wanted to test the EA thoroughly to see if it could live up to this high level of expectation.

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