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New analysis features at MellyForex

MellyForex is pleased to announce new EA analysis featuresIt's not very often that I get a chance to blow my own trumpet, but I am rather pleased with the latest feature to go live at MellyForex so, hey, I guess it's OK to bring out the bunting and have a bit of a toot.

Since MellyForex started, regular readers will know that I've been publishing the results of all the EAs in forward test to MyFxBook. MyFxBook is a great website in my opinion; it's stylish and some of their analysis tools are very useful, however, I have had problems with some accounts not verifying and I recently noticed that a couple of EAs hadn't updated at all for 4 or 5 months.

With that in mind, I decided a while ago to build a new section on MellyForex where the EAs could publish their results and their performance could be analysed.

I'm pleased to announce that work on the new analysis section is now complete, and all results publishing is now being done in-house. Readers can access the statistics for any EA in forward test by visiting the leaderboard here and then clicking on the name of the EA whose performance they wish to view.

Each review/article at MellyForex has also been updated so that the old links to MyFxBook pages now point to the relevant page on MellyForex, and the old MyFxBook pages have been deleted.

I'm always open to suggestions for improvement of the analysis layout and features, so don't be shy with your suggestions.

In the meantime, please enjoy!

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