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Fast Forex Millions - Forward Test Halted

Albert EinsteinI'm convinced that, if Albert Einstein were alive today, he'd quickly be able to crunch a few numbers and work out the inversely proportional relationship that seems to exist between hype and garbage.

Hey, if old Albert could have had all of those theories about negativity and cope with that funky E=mc2 stuff, it should have only taken him a couple of seconds to figure that the more an EA is hyped, the sooner it is likely to end up in the dustbin.

Anyway, my good nature prevents me from suggesting that the Fast Forex Millions EA is an over-hyped piece of trash, but I have decided to stop its forward test at MellyForex nonetheless.

To explain, ever since starting the test I've been having nothing but problems with some symbols failing to login and validate on the vendor's authentication server, and now the whole thing has stopped working completely. Given that the vendor's support is pretty weak (Oh alright then, more like bordering on non-existent!), I really can't be bothered to waste any more of my time with this EA.

There is a current open trade which will close either when its TP or SL is hit, and I'll just leave that trade to run. Ordinarily, the EA would have closed the trade long ago, but if it won't login to its authentication server, it certainly won't trade and the trade will have to stay open pending either of the orders being hit.

In any event, its performance hasn't exactly been stellar since starting the test. The EA has drawn down substantially, and I suspect a lot of punters will be giving this particular vendor a very wide berth from now on.

As the late Freddie Mercury used to sing, another one bites the dust!

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